Contract Disputes

The Law Office of Michael E. Adler has been recognized as a leading contract dispute law firm serving businesses and individuals throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania for nearly 20 years. Michael Adler has earned recognition for providing aggressive, innovative representation for plaintiffs or defendants in contract dispute matters. If you are the plaintiff or defendant in a contract dispute, contact us to discuss your legal matter. From resolving partnership disputes to breach of contract issues, we provide innovative solutions and aggressive representation that serves to protect our clients’ interests. Causes of contract disputes vary, but often include issues related to: Confidentiality (non-compete) agreements, sales contracts, partnership or operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, leasing agreements, service agreements, warranties and guarantees, insurance coverage and contracts, or construction contracts. Whatever the cause of your dispute, we offer the sound legal advice and representation you need to obtain a favorable outcome. Our legal approach is designed to reach a favorable outcome amicably, avoiding costly and time-consuming litigation whenever possible.